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Daorae, Bayan Point

Daorae opened their first branch in Penang a little over 10 years ago and the restaurant now needs a long-overdue makeover. We worked closely with the owner to decide which parts of the restaurant were to be demolished and to redo, and which parts were to be maintained. This is to retain the heritage of the restaurant while giving it a fresh look upon completion of the works.

Our project scope included:
Provide one-stop project management service
Demolition of existing space
Supply and Install new plaster ceiling and exhaust ducting
Supply and install new tiles and skirting, and pebble wash finish
Supply and install custom-made tables and sofas
Supply and install kitchen stainless steel shelves
Supply and install new lighting, wiring and CCTV system
Supply and paint concrete walls, partitions and plaster ceiling

Project Gallery

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